Wednesday, 25 February 2009

At last a loss!!!

Well after staying the same last week, I finally lost a decent amount this week 2.1/2lbs yehhh!!
I only register whole lbs so another 2 and I have lost a stone.
This is my aim for next week!!
I am now beginning to feel the benefits in my clothes.
I have put this weeks loss down to some homemade soups which a nice and filling.
Here is one of my favourites.

Butternut Squash,Red Pepper and Cream Cheese

Chop 1 large onion and fry with fry light until soft.
Chop a butternut squash and 1 red pepper and add to the onion with a litre of vegetable stock (I always use Swiss vegetable bouillon). Simmer until squash is cooked.
Blend the soup with 100g of light soft cheese and return to the pan add 150mls skimmed mild and season usually just pepper as the bouillon is quite salty.
This makes 4 portions and is delicious with a WW part baked roll
Soup 1 point and the roll 1.1/2 points.

Thanks for looking Sue :o)


Natalie said...

Congratulations Sue, you have done so well. x

gina said...

Well done Sue, you are really doing well, keep it up :)
Gina xxx

Debbie Yates said...

Congrats on the loss....I admire your will power...keep up the good work!