Monday, 2 February 2009

2009 is the year !!

I have been invited to a wedding on 4th September in London and I want to wear a nice outfit.
I am also going to Paris for the hen party on 14th August, it is my best friend Pat who's daughter is getting married... I have know her since the day she was born 34 yrs ago. I am so chuffed she has asked me to go with them to Paris.. I am really looking forward to a girly weekend and I want to wear some nice clothes.

I embarked on this diet on 6th January after being ill over Christmas with no appetite, I didn't want to start eating all the wrong things again!!

Lots of you will know me from my other blog slumber cards.. I know lots of you are also on the same journey so I thought I would start this blog to share any tips and recipe's with you.

I have lost 9lbs so far.. I weigh in on a Tuesday so I will let you know how I get on tomorrow.

I am going to share this recipe for sausage and butterbean hotpot tonight which I have just had for my tea this evening and is delicious

8 Large half fat sausages 400g
Low fat cooking spray
2 red papers, de-seeded and chopped
2 carrots peeled and chopped
1 400g can of chopped tomatoes with herbs and garlic
1 198g sweetcorn drained
1 400g butterbeans drained
2 Vegetable stock cubes ( I use 2 heaped tsp of Swiss vegetable bullion)

Grill the sausages until they are browned on all sides.
When cool enough to handle slice into bite size pieces
Spay a large lidded pan with low fat cooking spay and fry the peppers and carrots for 4-5 mins
Add the tomatoes, butterbeans, stock cubes with the sausages add 16floz water.
Bring to the boil and simmer for 25mins until carrots are tender
I remove the lid for 5-7 minutes towards the end to thicken the sauce.

For any of you doing weightwatchers this makes 4 serving at 3.5 points per serving and for anyone else who is interested approx 257 cals per portion

Hope you enjoy

Sue :o)


Maria's Cards said...

Hi Sue, Thanks for the recipe. I too am doing Weight Watchers and since the New year have lost 7lbs. Congratulations on your progress. I will try this recipe tomorrow and hubby and I are getting fed up with Jacket Potatos!! lol. I have been very good tonight as hubby goes out on a monday night and I have used 3 points up on red wine and not gone over! (sometimes you let it go a bit when you have had a drink!)
Great idea for a new blog will keep looking to see how your doing.
Maria x

Just call me G said...

Good Luck with the diet, that recipe looks scrummy :-)

gina said...

Hi Sue, well done so far that is fab, I too am on a diet, started 3 weeks ago and lost 4lb but had a bad week last week and am finding the cold nights harder because all I want to do is cosy up with chocolate :( will be following avidly, good luck tomorrow. Thanks for the recipe will try this one out with Dave, he is also dieting :)
Gina xxx

Shary said...

Hi sue
Someone told me about your blog so thought i'd come over and visit. well you know it is only 1 week since i started the WW diet and I've lost 4 lbs. This time I really want to do it till I reach my target, no giving up this time. Thanks for the recipe, sounds yummy for a cold evening. Good luck with your weigh in.

scotspanda said...

good for you losing 9lb!! well done you, keep up the good work.......just keep thinking of the outfit you most want to wear when you feel like having something not on the diet. Make sure you drink plenty of water too, it helps no end :o)


Amanda xx

Natalie said...

Paris, Wow, I am so jealous. I went a couple of years ago for two days and did not want to come home. 9lb already is excellent, keep up the good work. x

Tracy said...

Mmmmm that looks delicious. I'll have to give it a go. I have started a diet too as I'm off to Florida in August. I've only lost 4lbs at the mo though. Keep up the good work!!!

Katie said...

Well done Suzanne, 9 lbs is fantastic.
I really must make a start too but I can't get my head into gear yet, do you know what I mean?
My 'work' trousers are absolutely killing me they are so tight!! I will come back over here regularly for inspiration to knuckle down and lose weight.
Love the recipe, it looks yum and great for a family meal too, I will definitely try it.
Well done again!


gina said...

Hi Sue, it is not letting me comment on your new posts, don't know if you have set it up like this or if I am the only one??
Gina xxx