Sunday, 15 February 2009

Wii Fit Madness!!

Well I have been bitten by the Wii fit bug!!! but didn't seem to be progressing very well.
Then I realized today after 7 days of using it that I had the board the wrong way round!!!! dohh not to thick then... I felt sure that the light that comes on the board would need to be facing towards the telly....seems not!!!

One bit of good news I am not as old as it first thought I was... I am now obese with an age of 65!! funny how that sounds better when in fact it is awful!!

Hope to have better news on Tuesday although I did have a rather nice Valentines meal last night from the M&S 2 4 £20 range.

Thanks for looking.

Sue :o)


Maria's Cards said...

Hi Sue, I too had the meal deal from M&S. So lets hope it wasn't too bad for the diet!! Still I have been really good today to make up for it. I am doing the old weight watchers with the point system. Is this the one you are doing, or are you doing the new system? Maria x P.S good luck for weigh in day. xx

Natalie said...

Hi Sue, having the board the wrong way around sounds like something I would normally do. I love my Wii fit. I try and do the free stepping every night while I watch the soaps. If I have been naughty that day I try and do a bit of jogging too. But then I need to lie down. lol. x

Sarah said...

Hi Sue, i have to admit to doing the same thing with the Wii board to start with!! Like you, I thought the light had to be at the front! Couldn't work out why on the football heading game I was leaning one way, but my Mii was leaning the other!! D'oh!!

Good luck with it all and congrats on the weight loss so far!

xx :0)

Glitter Monkey said...

I just LOVE my Wii Fit too Sue - you are doing so well. I never ever thought I would love yoga!! Lol Lynn ♥