Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Weigh in day again!!

Well I lost 1lb this week... oh it is so slow!!
But in all fairness it hasn't been a good week we went out for a meal last Friday and I have craved comfort food with all this cold weather it is definitely not salad days!!
Onwards and downwards another week of fat fighting starts tomorrow.

Thanks for looking Sue :o)


Natalie said...

Well done Sue, keep it going. They say the odd pound a week is the best way to loose it and keep it off.

Natalie x

Maria's Cards said...

Hi Sue, You are in good company as I only lost a pound too this week and I had been really good all week!! On the other hand If you hold a pound of sugar you realise that a pound is still weight off and not on. Keep going we will both see the benefit in the end! Maria x

gina said...

Well done sue, I know it is hard but they do say the slower you take it off the easier it is to keep off (don't help much though does it) the way I am going this week I won't even lose a lb and I am trying so hard too :(
Gina xxx